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Northern Town (Blintz Band Boogie)

Written from an original idea by drummer Ian hay. Kevin and Ian had left the North East of England to pursue their own personal career paths, to some extent the song reflects that although it’s main theme is that there are those who “don’t fly far from the nest” and those who see a much wider world of opportunity. Colin Barratt enhanced some of Kevin’s lyrics for the final iteration of the song

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Ambion Hill

This song was written following a news item about the exhumation of Richard III’s remains from a car park in Leicester and is in essence a song about a whimsical conversation Richard might have had with his liberator Philippa Langley MBE had he been able to speak.
In the song, Richard III implores Philippa to send him back in time to 1485 so that he can correct his military mistake and revisit the Battle of Bosworth, fight again and retain his crown and the Plantagenet dynasty. One theory is that Ambion Hill was where Richard and his army gathered the night before the battle.

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This song was written in an attempt to convey a little bit of the mindset of some of the capitalist elite. There is no intended representation of any one person in particular, but the song does try to capture the narcissistic nature and greed that may be present in some people.

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A song about the thoughts we all have in the evening. Wondering about loved ones who may not be nearby.

The worry, anxiety and joy of a relationship between two people.

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This is a very personal account of Kevin Bainbridge’s relationship with his neighbour and close friend “Sont” from around the early 1970’s.

The song is, in essence, a thank you to him for facilitating Kevin’s path into the appreciation of Music and the Arts. “Sont” probably had the broadest and most eclectic record collection of anyone in the town of Seaham and probably the whole of County Durham, England.  Unfortunately, his record and book collection were destroyed after his suicide including a genuine painting by Don Van Vleet (aka Captain Beefheart) named “Gold on Black” or was it “Black on Gold”?

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Go Figure

The Blintz Band from time to time hire a cottage in the UK countryside to enable some relaxation and to review the studio recordings already completed. Invariably it is also a time for face-to-face songwriting.

This song was one such that came out of a cottage get together, with Ian laying down the drum beat, Kevin creating the guitar parts and Colin being responsible for the lyrics. The song literally pays homage to the confusion that life throws at us.

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Jelly Roll

Colin Barratt sent Kevin Bainbridge a 30-second loop of a few guitars playing together, Kevin re-created parts of the loop and together they wrote the song, Jelly Roll.

The catalyst for the lyrics was triggered by an advert for the film “The Magnificent Seven” which was being advertised on TV whilst listening to the loop. In essence, this is a revenge song for a wrongdoing to the sister of the brothers mentioned in the song and the lethal actions they took in respect of this. The band is aware that in some cultures the words “Jelly Roll” have different unsavoury connotations to what is intended in the song, which is merely a reference to a woman.

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Mother of Mercy

This song is the result of another cottage “away week” collaboration, 

Colin had been carrying around in his head a guitar riff for years and needed to get it out,

Ian and Kevin were quick to oblige and worked a groove and tune around Colin’s guitar riff and lyrics. It puts someone into a scenario of walking across a desert, fast running out of energy, water, and hope calling out to Mother of Mercy for help.

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Betty Boop

This song was written in response to a news item that reported that rights to the Betty Boop franchise had been sold and that the new owner’s intention was to regenerate the legendary cartoon diva. This has not as yet come to fruition as we write these notes.

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The Ballad of Tommy Gunn

A magnificent metal statue of a World War One soldier situated near the cenotaph in Seaham, County Durham England was all the inspiration the band needed to write this song. It tells a familiar tale of a soldier’s lot and serves as a reminder of the debt we owe to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.