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The Blintz Band

In 1971, four lads from Seaham, County Durham, England got together and formed a band, The Blintz Band:- Tim Readman (vocals, lead guitar), Kevin Bainbridge (vocals, rhythm guitar), Colin Barratt (vocals, Bass guitar) and finally Ian ‘Ted’ Hay (Drums & percussion). Rehearsing took place in the cellar of the ‘Dun Cow’ inn, which was in Tim’s home village in Seaton, and many a session was had!

Formed in 1971, Reconnected in 2017 & Now Launching their first album in 2022

The lads played numerous local working men’s clubs around the North East, making sure that their gigs didn’t interfere with the club Bingo sessions (If you were around the NE in the 70’s you will know what that was like!) 1n 1974, Tim left to go to university, then moved to Vancouver. Kevin, Colin and Ted joined other bands and basically spent the next 40 odd years with different careers.

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New Release God's Golfball available now!


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